Co-author of The Inner Global Village
Tarik Benidir

Tarik Benidir

Tarik Benidir was born on December 4th 1986 in Toronto, Ontario. After finishing his secondary education at De La Salle College "Oaklands" in downtown Toronto, he continued his education at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. There he completed his undergraduate and graduate degree. With a major in "Anatomy and Cell Biology" followed by a Masters in "Experimental Surgery" (prostate cancer), he has found a great interest in pursuing medicine.

Presently, Tarik is in medical school at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Beyond academics, Tarik has found strong devotion in sports, where he has excelled in hockey since the age of four. He is an executive member of two charities and has organized numerous awareness and fundraising campaigns in Montreal. Combining his youthful energy with his uniquely strong moral values, we are pleased that Tarik has dedicated a significant portion of his time as co-author in the remarkable novel based on leadership skills.

Areas of Expertise

  • MMI Made Easy (“MMI ME”)
  • Children’s Character-Building and Education
  • Goal Achieving vs. Goal Setting

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