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Omar Benidir, C.E.O

Omar Benidir

Mr. Omar Benidir is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Executive 2000 Institute. An exceptional communicator with a thirst for knowledge, Mr. Benidir first came to Canada on scholarship after achieving First Degree Certification in Advanced Maths, Physics and Chemistry at the University of Algiers. Focusing primarily on production management, he subsequently earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Quebec’s Laval University in Administrative Sciences and Engineering followed by a Engineering Doctorate in Operations Management. Mr. Benidir’s continual quest for knowledge, his multi-cultural awareness and his ability to communicate clearly in many languages have made him one of the most influential facilitators of our time. Additionally, devoted to character-building and education, Mr. Benidir is most recently the co-author of The Inner Global Village, a book that will be one of the most important works in developing tomorrow’s leders by infusing children with Leadership Character.

While still pursuing his degrees, Mr. Benidir joined Dylex Ltd., Canada’s largest retail organization in the 1970s and 1980s. He achieved great success in sales and management for two divisions before moving to Ontario to eventually lead Dylex’s Corporate Human Resources team for six years. Mr. Benidir not only designed and implemented many of Dylex’s first formal training and productivity programs, but also established a training centre and resource library for management and staff consisting of over 15,000 people nationwide.

Driven to expand his knowledge in production management, Mr. Benidir then joined a manufacturing company as General Manager. His contributions to the organization, fueled primarily through his expertise in bringing the best out of people, increased business by over 300% in that first year. Mr. Benidir implemented training plans, profit sharing and the second ever Quality Circle program in Canada. From a single plant in Mississauga, Ontario, Mr. Benidir was instrumental in the growth and addition of several more manufacturing plants across Ontario and Quebec. Today, Mr. Benidir is still an integral part of this company and they remain a valued client.

Mr. Benidir launched his own firm in 1989. His mission was to provide Global Human Resources Services as well as productivity consulting, training and executive search services to organizations with limited or strained resources in these areas. Since that time, Mr. Benidir has attracted prominent clients from all over the World: Alhokair Group in the Gulf Region, IKEA (Sweden), etc…

His outstanding success with people and their productivity has won him the loyalty and devotion not only of his clients, but also the employee and management teams he helped develop.

Mr. Benidir has been instrumental in creating positive change in many organizations through their most valuable resource… people. He has precipitated the redefinition of company culture as one of open communication, pride of workmanship, accountability and ownership through the successful implementation of quality circle programs, clearer job roles and a progressive performance appraisal and employee development systems. The positive changes Mr. Benidir offers organizations allows them to not only move far beyond what was thought to be originally possible, but also to make dramatic improvements in communication, work flow, inventory management, customer relations, sales, quality, productivity, revenues and bottom line profitability. His combined education and experience make him an irrefutable expert in the fields of Human Resource Technology, Training, Strategic Marketing, Communications ,Operations Management and Character Leadership Education.

Areas of Expertise

  • Recruitment, Employee Selection and Manpower Planning
  • Reinvention of Business Models
  • Staffing and Overseas Recruitment
  • Predictive Index Analysis
  • Sales and Productivity
  • Team Building and Total Quality Leadership
  • Customer Service and Clientele Development
  • Planning and Time Management
  • Professional Psychological Profile
  • Job-fitting Analysis
  • Goal Getting vs. Goal Setting
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Organizational Transformation/Defining and Establishing Culture
  • Quality Circles and Workplace Leadership Models
  • Total Quality Management Practices
  • Defect Prevention/Awareness Programs
  • Personnel and Training Audits
  • Performance Appraisals, such as 360° Feedback
  • Salary Administration
  • Operations and Production Management
  • Labour Relations and Legislation
  • Project Management
  • Children’s Character-Building and Education

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