Organizational Consulting Services

Applying the concepts of new business paradigms

Every organization in North America today, whether in the manufacturing, retail, communications, technology, or service industries, faces the same enormous challenge for competing effectively for profit in the new global economy. “Restructuring” and “re-engineering” have become the buzz words in the last two decades, creating major shifts in the way we think about business, productivity, and people. Executive 2000 Institute is dedicated to assisting organizations in achieving new heights in performance excellence through their most valuable resource… people.

We are experienced in dealing with both unionized and non-unionized corporations in office, plant and retail environments.

Consulting Services

  • More information regarding our consulting services is available upon request.
  • Development of strategic plans and directions.
  • Custom design and development of organizational infrastructures including salary administration programs, policies and procedures manuals and performance appraisal systems such as the 360° Feedback program.
  • Complete organizational, training and performance audits.
  • Development and implementation of custom tailored training programs designed to meet the specific needs of the organization or team.
  • Design and institution of effective communication programs.
  • Redesign workflows and the production process to improve efficiency through Theory of Constraints concepts.
  • Development and implementation of Quality programs including Total Quality Management and zero defect programs such as Deming’s Quality Circles™
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Dealing with issues in unionized environments.

Fees and Terms

Fee structure will be provided upon initial proposal on a project by project basis.

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