The Inner Global Village

A Character-building Journey

Prepare your children today – for tomorrow’s success.
What every parent needs to read, what every leader requires
to reach, what every young person deserves to learn!

How to become an eagle in a world of seagulls.

Join young Joshua as he enters the Inner Global Village and discovers the essential steps to Character-Leadership building:

  1. It is all about faith… The Belief Window Principle
  2. The Power of Purpose
  3. The Wisdom of Choice
  4. The Beauty of Knowledge
  5. The Enchantment of Communication
  6. The Value of Time
  7. The Magnitude of Responsibility
  8. The Sense of Courage
  9. The Miracle of Kindness
  10. The Duty of Self-Discipline
  11. The Yield of Perseverance
  12. The Nobility of Integrity

If In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters was a catalyst for corporate CEOs and Presidents to rejuvenate their companies, and if Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins was a recipe for achieving personal success, then The Inner Global Village is a vital and wonderful compendium of guiding principles for parents, educators, counsellors, and coaches to plant the necessary seeds of character in our children.

This story, dazzling in its powerful plainness, inspiring discernment and divine wisdom, is about Joshua, a young Canadian, who’s quest is to build his “Character”–the Character of a Leader. His journey takes him to understand that success is both a journey and a destination, and that we attract success by the person we become.

As Joshua’s journey deepens, he realizes that life is a labyrinth of Choices; to get out of this maze, he must equip himself with the wisdom of discernment through the power of Knowledge. As Joshua begins to focus on his goals, he realizes that the enlightenment does not reside in reaching his destination, but rather in becoming the person it takes to achieve his eternal quest. Through his journey, Joshua will expand his understanding of love and kindness, the meaning of courage and the magnitude of responsibility. He will discover the gift of all gifts: the power of words. He will grasp his life’s ticket to fly: integrity, something that he cannot compromise. Ultimately, Joshua gets the definitive payoff: the Character of a Leader.

The Inner Global Village is a spiritually classic and especially engaging parable for not only adolescents, but for all children, including the child… within you.

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About the authors:
Omar Benidir,Tarik Benidir and Karen Beam

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